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CannAmerica Announces First Shipment of New Packaging, New Flavors, and Purchase Order With Flower One

VANCOUVER, April 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – CANNAMERICA BRANDS CORP. (“CANA” or the “Company”) (CSE: CANA) (OTCQB: CNNXF) is pleased to announce that it has made its first shipment of new packaging for new gummy flavors in Colorado and received its first purchase order from Flower One Holdings Inc. (“Flower One”) (CSE: FONE) (OTCQB: FLOOF).

In its first order under the terms of the supply agreement announced on February 14, 2019, Flower One has ordered 50,000 units from the Company for cannabis-product fulfillment in Nevada available in May. This purchase will be distributed into 10 piece and 3-piece bags throughout Colorado and Nevada dispensaries.

Additionally, the Company has completed a shipment of new, redesigned packaging and new flavor profile for gummies to its licensee in Colorado, Winkanda, LLC, for 15,000 units for sale in local dispensaries as a transition in that market from bottles to the new bags. To date, CANA has sold 15.5 million gummies (representing 1.5 million units) in both the Coloradoand Nevada legal cannabis marketplaces.  

Dan Anglin, Founder and CEO of CANA, stated “the Company has dedicated nearly a year to creating gummy flavor profiles that are unique with high-quality ingredients. Simultaneously, we have created a packaging solution that is not only bold in its aesthetic qualities, but instantly recognizable as a CannAmerica product. We’ve gone to great lengths to provide consumers with a package that not only keeps the product fresh but is also a smaller footprint for storage with portability by design.” 

Anglin continues “We’ve achieved many goals be redesigning our packaging: the packaging is all made in the USA, which is important to our customer base; we’ve reduced our carbon footprint in an effort to have less impact on the environment by moving to a mylar bag with Child Resistant locking zipper; we’ve increased the branding real estate on the bag to easily identify the product and the brand; added space on the packaging for test result information as well as retailer information without reducing our branded image, and increased our presence in retail stores without taking up more space, a necessity in stores that want to carry many brands and lines, but have limited shelf space to do so.”  

On new and improved flavors, Anglin stated “we’ve done extensive research into gummy confections and flavor preferences of adults to create flavor profiles that are not only exciting for consumers, but also the best-selling flavors in the category of gummies globally: Cherry; Blue Raspberry; Peach; Strawberry-banana; and two unique flavors – Orange Sherbet and Freedom Pop (a combination of Cherry, Lemonade, and Blue Raspberry in one gummy).”

The company has created a process for edible printing that allows it to enter these food products into any legal market that allows confections, regardless of stamping image requirements, by utilizing edible printing to create the image on the gummies that provide consumers with the knowledge that the product contains cannabis.

Anglin stated “with the exciting redesign of our packaging, we will also now enter the medical marketplace in the state of Colorado, which is a new market for CannAmerica. We look forward to sales in that state simply because there is an entire market that has not been exposed to the brand.”  Anglin continued, “CannAmerica Gummies available on the medical market in Colorado provides the medical patient in Colorado with high quality, full-spectrum distillate edible with 25mg of THC in each gummy. These products are expected to be in high-demand the moment they hit the shelves in May in Colorado.”

CannAmerica Brands is a Colorado-based, marine-veteran-founded cannabis brand known for its line of top-tier cannabis gummies and edibles currently available in three states. Flower One is now licensed to manufacture, distribute and sell CannAmerica Brands’ signature cannabis Fruit Juice Gummies and Super Soft Gummies to all cannabis retailers in Nevada. 

On Behalf of the Board,
Dan Anglin
CEO and Director
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About CannAmerica Brands Corp.

CannAmerica Brands is a U.S. marine veteran founded and operated portfolio of cannabis brands with licensing agreements in the states of Colorado, Nevada and Maryland. The Company aims to maximize the value of its brands by employing strong brand management teams, marketing and licensing the brands through various distribution channels, including dispensaries, wholesalers and distributors, in the United States and internationally. The Company’s core strategy is to enhance and monetize the global reach of its existing brands, and to pursue additional strategic acquisitions to grow the scope and diversity of its brand portfolio. For more information, please visit

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